Rainy day at Rlystone

It’s still raining here, but not heavy, just drizzling and enough to keep us off the bikes, so I thought I would add another post as I have nothing else to do (having re arranged the cloths cupboards – packing away shorts and singlet tops, in favour of long pants and long sleeve tops).  We did wonder up to the artisan markets this morning for a bit of a look just to get out of the van for awhile.  It’s strange but rather nice, having been to church last Sunday, and yesterday and also being in the van park for a week now, going up to the markets we ran into so many new friends, it was lovely!!  A chat here and there as we wondered around.  There was even the good old Rotary sausage sizzle going on so Jack wondered over and had a yarn with them – apparently we are now going to Rotary on Tuesday night, so must be staying put for another day or so!! I am happy with that, don’t like packing up in the wet and driving in the wet. And besides that, our next planned stop is a place called Ponto Falls where we will be free camping – no electricity = no heater! Brrrrr!  We do have solar so have lights, hot water and can charge up phones and laptops, but that’s it!  Anyway, I digress, back to the markets; there was a lady from Switzerland there with her baking – oh my, I could have gone mad there – the home baking she had on display to purchase was almost more than I could resist! Well, actually, it was more than I could resist! Yum.

Thought I would add a couple of photos of a lovely drive we did through the bush to get to a place called Fern Tree Gully.  Now I remember something about Fern Tree Gully from my childhood – can anyone tell me who was the characters that lived there in the story?  Was it the Gumnut fairies?

IMG_3613 IMG_3614 IMG_3615

We then drove onto the Growee Gulch which is just a drive over the mountain with some amazing rock formations some 1000 metres deep into the Bylong valley; some great scenery  and yes you guess it – photos! haha


well, just the one!

Hope you are keeping well and enjoying the Easter break even if it is raining where you are too!

Be blessed

Jack and Christine

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